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English Grammar 101 (comprehensive version)

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50% OFF CODE: "LAUNCH2023" When learning a language, you can almost never avoid learning grammar, especially the basics. It not only helps you use it correctly, but it also helps you understand the more complicated things when you reach a higher level. This course will teach you the most fundamental and important grammar points through a combination of videos, notes, and quizzes. Each grammar point is thoroughly explained, with numerous examples to help you understand the grammar and how it is used. You will be able to download a free PDF workbook to put what you have learned into practise, because nothing helps you learn a language better than plenty of practise. The PDF workbook will also help you stay on track with your daily studies. Other than learners of English, learning grammar is also useful for native English speakers learning other languages, because it can improve your understanding of the grammar of other languages. You'd be surprised at how many grammatical points different languages have in common! Sign up today and master the basics of English grammar! Please note: This is the comprehensive version of the course. It is suitable for people at an intermediate or higher level (CEFR level B1+). For complete beginners (CEFR level A0-A2), check out our simpler version instead (coming soon). If you want a preview of the course, please send us an email and we will send you a preview of the notes to see whether it is appropriate for you before you sign up.

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