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  • Beginner's Course (Cantonese)

    Every 2 months
    Get 10 Lessons + Vocab Sheet, Weekly Marked Homework + Access Exclusive Cantonese Grammar Blogs!
    • Book up to 10 "Cantonese - Beginner to Intermediate" classes
    • Access to all vocabulary sheets for each lesson
    • Homework after each class + marking and feedback
    • Complementary homework & support if needed
    • Free access to exclusive Cantonese Grammar blogs
  • Beginner's Course (English)

    Every 2 months
    Get 10 lessons + Free Grammar Course, Homework, Feedback & Summaries!
    • Book up to 10 "English - Beginner to Intermediate" classes
    • Homework after each lesson + marking and feedback
    • Free access to English Grammar 101 course + workbook marking
    • Free access to exclusive English Grammar blogs
    • Lesson summary and feedback after each lesson
  • Insider Insights

    Every month
    For exclusive access to our English and Chinese grammar blogs 📖
     7 day free trial
    • English Grammar Blog Posts
    • Cantonese Grammar Blog Posts
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